Untold story of a brutally murdered young girl

Javed 1283
3 min readSep 19, 2020


In 2012, I got a horrifying phone call during my study in university. My family told me the very shocking and frightening news of a nine year young girl who was burnt alive by her elder brother. My entire body began to shiver, tears came out of eyes and mind lost every thought. Because, the boy once had been my class fellow in my secondary school, and was my neighbor too. On ceremonial days the innocent girl frequently joined us. She was one of the cutest young girls in the village. Those who once saw her felt helpless to admire her beauty. Her decent and soft nature, perhaps, I cannot summarize in words. She was known as ‘smiling beauty’.

After getting some courage I inquired the reason of brutality. My family told me that she went with her grandmother to the next-door shop without taking permission of a male family member. Her brother rushed to home after knowing this. He grabbed her by hairs and locked in room. She was begging for mercy and help. Her elegant eyes were tearing, making her radiant read-white face wet. She wept, cried and screamed, but no one dared to stop the assassinator. He put petrol on her and set the young girl on fire. In locked room the gorgeous young baby continued to die slowly and slowly.

The door was opened when her whole body burnt completely, and she was taking her last breath. Her fascinating facial beauty, charming smile, notaries glance and divine heart had burnt with fire. Later a useless attempt was made to save her. She was shifted to hospital, but it was too late. On her way to hospital she continuously spoke one thing, why I was burnt, I would not forgive my murderer, on the Day of Judgment I would demand for justice.

She succumbed in the hospital. Men with their cruel hands and arrogance took her back to home, and later dug grave to place her in it. All returned to their home leaving the innocent baby in grave. No one wanted to complain against her murderer brother. He as usual is enjoying his life. After this inhuman act he became more powerful in the family. Grave must be wept over this injustice. God should immediately have commanded angles to take this divan beauty to the most sophisticated and prestigious place in paradise.

I often think about the women living in this male dominant world. I found numerous factors that had made this word a hell for women. The most important factor is the structure of society. Throughout the history men had used their muscle power to control women. Through this power they had just exploited women to construct a male dominant social structure.

Even in this post-modern world socio-economic and political marginalization of women is expanded all over the world. In many countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran women are not allowed to work or do job. Wage gapes between men and women still prevail across the globe. Analyzing the most recent Census Bureau data from 2018, women earn an average 82 cents for every one US dollar earn by men.

In many societies it is considered useless and nonsense to educate girls. Low literacy rate of women in undeveloped countries is a major cause of lack of awareness of women. They do not know about their rights and duties. Illiteracy has made them unable to fight for justice and equality. Less than 40% of countries grant girls and boys with equal access to education. 54 million of the 76 million illiterate young women live in only 9 countries.


In politics few options are left for women. The systematic political control of men is restraining political mainstreaming of women. Even in the history of the most developed state the USA had no women president so far. In United Nation Security Council no woman has ever got chance to serve as security general.

However, a long lasting development and peace in this world need a gender-less international society. Gender based discrimination must be eliminated through a holistic approach. Mainstreaming of women in economic, political and social fields is crucial to create a true civilized society. Message of this day, women and men should be granted equal rights in all domains of life.



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